Monday, 29 July 2013

Thrift Shops in Sydney

When I first went thrifting in Sydney I was expecting to find lots of vintage goods,
worn in blouses, high waisted pants and skirts but sadly that wasn't the case.
Not saying you can never find good pieces but you'd have to look very carefully and
have plenty of time to browse through the shop, some what like a treasure hunt
and when you do find a piece you like it feels like a huge achievement,
which then the whole experience turns really exciting! I guess thats why people get hooked on thrifting. 
Here is what I found so far:
Brand new Sleeveless Lola vs Harper shirt still with tag $6 / Tight -fitting Grey Metalicus maxi Skirt $6 / Pastel sweater no brand $12

*Styled with two pieces together and Body chain from Diva. Total outfit price roughly $27!
*Styled with Wrangler white shorts and Rubi rabbit heels


  1. thrift thrift thrift :) *i got twenty dollars in mah pockett i wear ur gran dads cloths, i look incredible* ;D

    1. haha Im in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road (: x

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