Monday, 29 July 2013

Thrift Shops in Sydney

When I first went thrifting in Sydney I was expecting to find lots of vintage goods,
worn in blouses, high waisted pants and skirts but sadly that wasn't the case.
Not saying you can never find good pieces but you'd have to look very carefully and
have plenty of time to browse through the shop, some what like a treasure hunt
and when you do find a piece you like it feels like a huge achievement,
which then the whole experience turns really exciting! I guess thats why people get hooked on thrifting. 
Here is what I found so far:
Brand new Sleeveless Lola vs Harper shirt still with tag $6 / Tight -fitting Grey Metalicus maxi Skirt $6 / Pastel sweater no brand $12

*Styled with two pieces together and Body chain from Diva. Total outfit price roughly $27!
*Styled with Wrangler white shorts and Rubi rabbit heels

Friday, 26 July 2013

RSPCA - Adopting kittens

Dennis and I, both have grown up with loving pets. We have had pets from dogs, cats, birds, fishes to turtles! 
Now, it's been a while since we had little fluff balls running around and we missed having a little friend. So we started looking into introducing a new member into our family. It was no surprise to us that buying a pet from a breeder or a pet shop will send us beyond broke with each puppy and kitten priced well over $1,000.

After searching the web inside out, visiting countless places and almost getting scammed by one kitten seller. We came across RSPCA, this place was heaven.
We stepped into the kittery and was melted by their adorableness immediately, we couldn't resist and ended up adopting two domestic kittens. Mitzy (10 weeks old) and Ponyo (8 weeks old).
It was the best decision we made, instead of buying from a pet store it really does make a difference to adopt abandoned pets. They are so affectionate and really needs a place to call home. We felt good, helpful and heart warming to bring these 2 babies home.
 Mitzy (10 weeks old/Female) & Ponyo (8 weeks old/Male)
Now we have 2 fluff balls running up and down, every corner of the house. It's so lively! Dennis and I can't seem to keep up but we lovee them to bits! (:
Prevention of cruelty to animals, you can help too!