Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sheinside & Romwe Comparison & Review

With these two viral companies everywhere on the internet/youtube right now I could be wrong but I have a feeling that Sheinside and Romwe is the same company. They come off as competitors but they are both located in the same area called Shenzhen in China and they are both advertising via Youtube by sending youtubers their products. Same free shipping world wide and LiveChat Help/Online Help in both websites and both companies don't seem to speak english much.

I have ordered from Sheinside before, I was mesmerised by their range of clothing and everything looked so promising, so there I was typing away my credit card number. But let me just say with all the waiting, trying to figure out what was happening with my order and their ridiculous exchange policies I was not happy. After I sent them an complaint email, Sheinside did offer me a 30% discount code but I never used it.
I just did not want to go through it all again.
So then when I turned to Romwe, it was like a nightmare flash back. Everything looked familiar! I did ask the Live chat help lady if they were the same company as Sheinside, she just replied 'No' and when I told her both websites and business structure looks very similar she just quit the chat. uhh...rude much? Well. Bad customer service from both companies, I don't recommend either of the businesses. If any of you had any positive experiences from these companies please let me know, I would love to read about it!


  1. I found this post via researching Sheinside, just wanted to add my experience--I've ordered from Romwe once before, and had no problems. It's definitely possible that I just got lucky--I didn't need to contact their customer service or anything, so I can't speak to how good or poor they are, but I got my order in a reasonable amount of time (about 2 weeks) and there was nothing wrong with the dress.

    I do want to note that Shenzhen is a high-volume area for garment manufacturing and export, so it's not really that suspicious that both companies would be located there.

    1. Hi Artoo!
      Wish my experience was the same haha The blouse that I had received from Sheinside was different to the picture on the website and the bracelet was so big it just fell right off my wrist which left me really disappointed. Not hating on these companies but just wish they had better customer service and exchange policies.
      Thanks for letting me know about Shenzhen though!