Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sydney Pole Dancers

Okay, so I started pole dancing. I know what your thinking.
A little too 'out there' and scandalous? Thinking of Kings Cross and sleazy clubs? Probably looking at the picture to the left and thinking "Oh my god, why would you do that?"
but I have to tell you I LOVE POLE DANCING!

Don't let the pole dancer stereotypes fool you, this does not involve skimpy string bikinis and fat guys throwing money at you.
When I found out that Pole dancing is the new body hardening, confidence boosting, fitness activity I had to try it out myself. I found a Pole Studio near by Chatswood (Studio Exclusive Pole dancing Tuition) and I went for a trial class one day. Feeling nervous and not sure of how everyone would treat me, I sheepishly but bravely stepped inside and instantly all my worries were washed away!
Nice spacious environment, very comforting, friendly smiles and really nothing to worry about. It's just like a dancing studio but with poles! I immediately signed up for the next term. I would recommend this studio hundred times and over. It's just so much fun and it gives you a serious work out (My body ached for days after that trial class, it was only 45 minutes and I enjoyed it, can you believe it? A work out you can enjoy! Now that's amazing)
So I suggest you girls try it out too! Go on, Don't be scared!

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