Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Modern Grunge/Soft Grunge Love!

For the past few months I have been really obsessed with 'Modern grunge/Soft grunge' type of clothing from accessories, shoes and hair pieces.

... and these bad boys, Unif Hellbounds has got me head over heels!
Bought from dollskill.com It has an enormous platform + heels I know it looks like one hell of a crazy ankle breaker but surprising enough, it is so comfy and easy to walk in or if your not a high heel type of girl, I am sure it would only take couple of practise to master these height booster babies.Seriously girls, the air seems fresher when you become 6 inches taller.
Even Nicki Minaj approves of them!
I have worn these out to Chatswood and Sydney City and it has always been an attention grabber, even on Mardi Gras!

Some details:
Colours available in - Black, Neon Pink, Baby Blue, Leopard
6 inch heel / 3 inch platform
Price - can vary between websites $250 ~ $300 (So worth the price!)
Can be bought from dollskillkarmaloopnastygalsolestruck
Lace up shoes with zipper on the size
True to size

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